Aye Que Tan Bonita, Los Texas Wranglers

Liner Notes: Aye Que Tan Bonita – Los Texas Wranglers

When Julian Fernandez of Los Texas Wranglers asked me to write the liner notes for Aye, Que Tan Bonita, the guys’ most recent album full of original material, I was honored and I jumped at the chance. Here’s[…]

Festival Post-Mortem: Keeping memories fresh with YouTube

So the 3rd Annual Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival ended nearly six weeks ago, and we’ve just now recovered and are beginning to get back on track with our regular schedule of website content publication, interviews,[…]

Behind the Scenes at the RACF: The Power of the Press Release

Confession: before our very first Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival, I had never written a press release. I found some pretty good examples online, and I went for it. I got lucky, and it paid off[…]

Behind the Scenes: Planning and Promoting the Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival

Happy New Year! In my life, a new year means another Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival is only a month away. This year, I’m starting a series of posts here on my personal blog about what[…]

Rancho Alegre Talks Tejano and Conjunto in the Guardian

When one of the most respected newspapers in the entire world, based in London, England, contacted us and asked us to write about Tejano and Conjunto music for an upcoming Travel piece about the American[…]

Señorita Cantinera – Heartbreak and the Beat

An interesting characteristic of all “roots” music like Conjunto, Blues and Traditional Country is the contrast of lyrics that describe heartbreak and despair set to upbeat music. For example: Señorita Cantinera. Covered by countless artists[…]

Latin Music Festivals – Why Not Tejano?

As the latino population increases all over the country, latin music festivals are on the rise as well. The lineups usually include a wide variety of genres from all latin cultures, from alt-rock and hip-hop[…]

My favorite prologue…ever

From Plainsong by Deborah Grabien… One day, when the Son of God had been long wandering through the halls of heaven, he stopped to rest beside an aged man on a bench of alabaster. “You look weary,[…]

Jerry Wexler on Atheism

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a doubter. Never – not for a hot minute – have I believed in God. A half-century after my bar mitzvah, I was producing Bob Dylan’s first[…]

Events Are For Everyone – Including the Disabled

Tejano Gold Radio the Magazine May 2013 Recently a listener wrote to us and mentioned how she is disabled and is unable to attend most of the great Tejano and Conjunto events where her favorite[…]