Behind the Scenes: Planning and Promoting the Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival

Happy New Year! In my life, a new year means another Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival is only a month away.

This year, I’m starting a series of posts here on my personal blog about what we do behind the scenes. The goal of this series is to open our playbook, so to speak, and to document how we manage such a large project and event with only a few people and a nearly non-existent budget. It will also help me remember what I did this year when next year rolls around, lol.

The problem with having an early February festival is that your communications are often overshadowed by the holidays. People in the media might be on vacation, or they are focusing on holiday stories. Everyone else is pretty much just focused on the holidays. So, we really only have the entire month of January to get our message out.

There are, however, some things that should be taken care of months in advance. Booking the venue, finding sponsors and funding if necessary, booking the bands. Getting in contact with newspapers and other big media to get on their radar screens.

Something essential during this phase is to get your head in the game. In January, I eat, sleep, and breathe Festival stuff. With the limited resources we have, it’s 24/7.

The next topic in this series will be how I use Press Releases to promote our event.

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