Festival Post-Mortem: Keeping memories fresh with YouTube

ra_liveSo the 3rd Annual Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival ended nearly six weeks ago, and we’ve just now recovered and are beginning to get back on track with our regular schedule of website content publication, interviews, vinyl conversion, and other projects.

We had a great turnout, awesome performances by every single band, and we also enjoyed a good deal of media support from KUT Radio, Austin American-Statesman, KEDA Radio from San Antonio, Fiesta Musical, the Spotlight Show, Peggy Vasquez, El Mundo, La Prensa, and more. Our sound team of GA Productions and Compadresmusic.com was top-notch, our merchandise team of Rosie Farias and Paul Guerra kicked ass, LaLa’s Productions did a phenomenal job on photography and Videography, and our kitchen made sure people had great food all the way until close. We looked at successes and areas for improvement, and know that we can do even better in the coming years without losing what makes us special and different from the other festivals out there.

Something that we’ve learned in building this event from scratch is that presenting an annual festival on a shoe string budget is even more challenging than originally anticipated. Next year’s success or failure depends on whether we are able to continue to remain relevant throughout the year, and to keep everyone looking forward to the next one.

Post event, everyone shares photos and video that they take, but it’s the official videos and photos from us that people really look forward to.¬†We always have a videographer record each group with high-quality audio. The first two years, I didn’t have a powerful enough computer to efficiently edit and produce each video, but the process has been improved considerably this year. Look forward to videos from these two years soon.

Once uploaded to YouTube, we tag appropriately and share via social media. Not only does this help strengthen the Rancho Alegre name and brand, but it also helps promote the groups, which is one of the primary goals of both Rancho Alegre Radio and the Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival. To go even further, I also add the booking and contact information and band members’ names and instruments (if available) to the description.

These will make the rounds throughout the year, and then starting in December or January, we’ll share more frequently as the event date approaches.

Check ’em out for yourself and maybe even subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss anything new!

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